The Tropical Sweets® Classical Music Video Adventure can even provide therapeutic engagement, relaxation, and anxiety relief. Here's a deeply touching letter from a parent of an autistic child who found daily solace in his "Information Age Oasis" experience. 


One Parent's Life Changing Experience

"My four-year-old son is autistic and I had to let you know of the marvelous and unexpected impact Tropical Sweets has had on his young life. At home one evening, I had been playing Tropical Sweets on an iPod and I plugged the iPod into our home stereo and turned up the volume a bit. Our son, who was playing nearby stopped instantly, and literally ran over to my side. He was transfixed by the music and imagery. It played through to the end, and then he used sign language to indicate “more,” and also “want.” So we spent the entire evening watching and listening to Tropical Sweets! He reacted by adopting the most serene demeanor. That evening he fell asleep easily (which is no easy feat), listening to Tropical Sweets. If the news prior seems miraculous then the new developments using the iPad and DVD of Tropical Sweets are even more so. Should our son feel stressed we pop in the Tropical Sweets DVD, or turn on the iPad, and he is immediately calmed, most especially during night terror episodes. Immediately, and without even opening his eyes! Additionally, he now falls asleep calmly and gently to Tropical Sweets every night. We play it again when he wakes up in the morning and we’re convinced his stress is reduced, and that his entire day is better. Now, perhaps the most exciting development as of late, when interacting with Tropical Sweets, our son has begun conducting! Yes, he is actually using [gestural] movements, holding a pencil as if it were a baton — keeping time with the music! Bill, children with autism face many challenges, and parents of autistic children face challenges, too. A great burden has been eased by your remarkable product, for which “thank you” seems so inadequate. I’m wondering if Tropical Sweets might have the same effect on other people facing the challenges of Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD)?

Yours sincerely and respectfully,

BMM ~ April 2015"