The Tropical Sweets® Classical Music Video Adventure is also designed to serve as a visual bridge to lifelong listening and learning.  It can be utilized in a variety of ways as a vehicle for deep teaching and learning, ultimately becoming part of the fabric of 21st century multimedia-enabled literacy and fluency. 

  • Tropical Sweets is a spectacular concept, beautifully realized. It is a magnificent teaching tool for many subjects at several academic levels.
    ~ H.K.
  • Wonderful! Fun! Entertaining! A great way to introduce youngsters to the joy of classical music!
    ~ B.W.
  • My students K-6 have seen it and it has given them a much needed visual and aural experience!
    ~ K.S.I.
  • My students love this video — very effective in re-inventing the lesson!
    ~ M.C.
  • We love Tropical Sweets! The children listen avidly and remember the music when heard in other contexts!
    ~ B.T.
  • I teach in public school. Last year we studied Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I love the inspiring way you combined it with a trip to the moon! This year's selection includes Aquarium. I'm very glad I have Tropical Sweets to us in presenting it!
    ~ M.E.E.
  • This is superb! My students loved it and I especially enjoy the relaxing qualities!
    ~ L.A.H.