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The complete Tropical Sweets® Classical Music Video Adventure travels inside the timeless themes of the imagination, classical music, Nature, and outer space, featuring selections from Delius, Saint-Saens, Mendelssohn, Rimsky-Korsakov, Respighi, and Beethoven. 

Preview the Tropical Sweets® Classical Music Video Adventure below.

Daybreak by Delius

As the sun rises through silhouetted branches, a dialogue forms between the images of land and sea. There is a slowly building momentum throughout Daybreak as the musical intensity gradually grows toward a dramatic conclusion.

The Swan by Saint-Saëns

When the tonality shifts briefly from major to minor, a magnificent black swan enters amidst an air of elegant mystery. Contrasting musical dimensions unfold as the black and white swans flow forward, ultimately meet, and then depart.

Flight of the Sandpipers by Rimsky-Korsakov

Scampering sanderlings showcase musical elements of instrumentation, ensemble groups, major and minor contrast, rhythm, and rapid tempos. The performance is refined, balanced, and invigorating, and laughter is heartily invited.

The Dove by Respighi

Ethereal music soars to life as wings of seagulls carry the wonder of The Dove from sand to sea and sky, and when the bass clarinet enters, one can almost imagine the flamingos’ black beaks producing the melancholy melody.

Aquarium by Saint-Saëns

Weightless, magical musical qualities fill the orchestration with wonder. The musical motion is horizontal...back and forth...but when the scales mysteriously descend or buoyantly ascend, each fish responds accordingly.

Sunset by Delius

This movement beautifully conveys the wistful mood of day's end. Deep amber hues, birds departing, flowers closing, and daylight fading are but a few of the myriad visual messages that Delius' powerful music suggests.

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

Beethoven's musical voyage is visually aligned with the perilous Apollo missions to the Moon, and with the astronauts' triumphant return to Earth.  Aesthetic rocket fuel lifts us from all earthy constraints as timeless music breaks the bonds of gravity.