As the flagship of the Sweets® Classical Music Video Adventure series, the Tropical Sweets® Adventure is an immersive, variety-driven listening oasis.  Every visual image has been carefully sequenced in order to keep the music in the foreground, and this artistic process enables the music to inspire its own themes of the imagination as it generates all of the visual action.  By anchoring one’s eyes on beautifully flowing Nature and space imagery while perpetually keeping the art of listening in the foreground, Tropical Sweets® ensures that each individual listener will experience infinitely repeatable, deeply relaxing, and educationally inspiring musical adventures.  

In “a visual world” (Naisbitt, Mindset!), the listening-based Tropical Sweets® Adventure places the ears in a unique leadership role where they can provide sorely needed relief for the eyes.  Essentially, the eyes become a musical instrument for one’s imagination by enabling the music and imagery to transform each listener into a unique “listening artist.”  Each listening artist is empowered to explore and interweave the wonders of timeless classical music and Nature.  One’s eyes, while fully engaged, will never quite experience the same thing twice as the ears enable the music to take charge and inspire fresh moments of deep relaxation, stress relief, peacefulness, learning, creativity, and rejuvenation.

As Emerson so eloquently writes in his first essay entitled, Self-Reliance, "The swallow over my window should interweave that thread or straw he carries in his bill into my web also." 

Due in no small part to the genius of innovators like the late Dr. Amar Gopal Bose and Steve Jobs, today’s audio-based technologies enable Tropical Sweets® to enrich each listener’s experiences virtually anywhere.  A noisy aircraft can become a fully engaged listening environment (FELE) where Tropical Sweets®, combined with noise-cancelling headphones, can flow through a mobile device, a larger portable computer, or a portable DVD player enabling anyone to experience a fully-engaged listening environment that fills their world with amazingly intense, inspired, and immersive relaxation (“FELE the AIR”). 

On the ground, the same technologies can make any room or office into a Tropical Sweets® launch pad, and the DVD edition is equally at home in the classroom, the living room, or the media room.  (Rooted in the age-old saying that “classical music puts me to sleep,” the Tropical Sweets® DVD also features a special Relaxation Loop for anyone seeking a more effective way to drift off to sleep in the bedroom; a great way to use your TV’s sleep timer.)