What is that mysterious acoustical wonder hidden deep within the sounds of seashells and surf?

From the seashells and the shore to the magnificent ocean and sky, Nature's wonders are awe-inspiring, aren't they?  Interweaving these visual wonders with timeless classical music enables each of us to immerse ourselves in our own, completely unique creative oasis.  Inside that creative oasis we can become listening artists, as our eyes read the music of Nature. Listening artists fully engage their eyes and ears to experience the inexhaustible wonders of timeless music.

As a tribute to our first blog post, I wanted to include this brief Tropical Sweets® Classical Music Video Adventure preview featuring rare recordings of the music of Delius, Saint-Saëns, Rimsky-Korsakov and Beethoven.  (Be sure to click the small white arrow to view the preview.)

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